Monocouche Rendering

Monocouche Rendering Brighton

We are specialists in the application of Monocouche rendering in Brighton & Hove, Sussex and London.

What is Monocouche Render?

Monocouche render is a type of finish for external walls that can be applied in just one coat for both a decorative effect and weather protection. The term derives from the French for ‘single layer/one coat’ and is a great alternative to traditional sand and cement render.

Monocouche render comes in a variety of colours, which means additional painting isn’t required whereas traditional render requires a coat of paint.

Monocouche render, sometimes referred to as K-rend who make this type of render comes in a huge variety of colours.

What are the advantages of Monocouche Render?

Monocouche render is factory produced from carefully selected raw materials for consistency of product. It only requires the addition of water on site to create a one-coat render on external walls.

Another advantage of Monocouche render is its breathability, allowing your walls to ‘breathe’ and not suffer from trapped moisture, which could turn to damp.

Although more expensive to buy than a sand and cement render, the application of coloured render can be a lot quicker than its traditional counterpart which is generally applied in two or more coats.

The ‘through colour’ and ‘one coat’ features allow fast application, thereby reducing associated scaffolding and site costs and permitting the completion of ground works at an earlier stage. Time is also saved because you don’t have to wait for the render to dry before painting it.

Another advantage is that, because the colour is in the render, it will last a lot longer than masonry paint. This means you won’t need to redecorate the walls every few years, saving even more time and money!

The formulation of a monocouche render is distinguished by the use of White Ordinary Portland Cement as a binder, which then enables the formulation to be pigmented, allowing for a huge variety of colour options.

What Colours are available?

Here are the colours available from K-Rend.

K-Rend does offer a bespoke colour matching service, so if you do not see the colour you want, K-Rend create the exact colour you do want.


Use the K-Rend Colour Swatch Simulator to see how Monocouche render looks!

Click on the image to take you to the Colour Swatch Simulator.


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