Plaster walls, Ceiling Plaster and Plaster Repairs


Using only the best products, we can complete any of your interior plastering needs from plaster walls, ceiling plaster and plaster repairs to the highest standard. We are also experts in using traditional techniques such as lime plaster.

We have been tested and are proud to be an approved member of: The British Gypsum Certified Plasterer Scheme. This enables us to give you the additional assurance that our plastering work is underwritten with a two-year guarantee from British Gypsum.


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Plaster skimming walls & ceilings

Skimming is the application of a finishing plaster either on new plasterboard or over existing walls, ceilings or a basecoat to create a smooth finish for painting or wall papering. Our team prides itself on the smoothest surfaces and crisp edges. 

Plaster float & set

The term float and set refers to the style of plastering sometimes known as wet plastering. The system requires an undercoat plaster such as hard wall, which can be built out in 11mm coats. When the undercoat plaster has set to a semi firm state a skim coat is then applied. The system is much more highly skilled than plasterboard and skim because it requires the wet coat to be levelled perfectly.

Lime Plaster and Clay Plaster

Lime, Clay and Lathe + plaster are all plastering methods used through out history but these systems are still often found in older buildings and in certain areas up to the 1940’s. We have extensive knowledge in these systems as we come across traditional methods on a daily basis on renovation projects.

Dry lining - Plasterboarding

This is the application of plasterboard to stud work or applied to walls using bonding adhesive. A wide range of boards is now available for insulation purposes, which is, fire retardant, water repellent and soundproof.

Ceiling coving, cornices and mouldings

We are able to carry out repairs to existing ceiling mouldings, cornices and coving. We can also replicate lengths of existing cornice to another area of your property to give it the same look throughout. We can also apply modern coving to a room for a more contemporary look.

Magnetic Plaster

This is a new product, which allows any wall or ceiling to become magnetic. Just think of the possibilities! Ask us for more details today.

magnetic plaster
magnetic plaster
Magnetic plaster