Floor Screed

Floor screeding specialists Brighton.


Screeding a floor is the act of applying a mixture of Portland cement with graded aggregates and water to a floor base to form a sturdy and level surface for the final flooring such as carpet, vinyl or tiles.  It is also a vital part of the process of installing underfloor heating.


Although floor screeding may sound simple, getting it right is crucial for the finish and durability of the finished floor. We are experts in quality screed floor and offer the following services:

Liquid screed

Liquid screed is premixed screed that is delivered to site to be levelled by our team. This is the quickest way to apply floor screed and is great for screeding over underfloor heating as it flows around the pipes, allowing for even heat distribution. Using liquid screed can mean you reduce the screed depth significantly compared to traditional screed. This means reduced weight and drying time and also allows you to improve the energy efficiency of the floor by installing thicker floor insulation. It also allows more heat through from underfloor heating pipes. You can usually walk on liquid screed 24 hours after installation.

Sand and cement/Traditional screed

As the name suggests, this is a mix of sand and cement with added fibres, levelled and finished by hand to give a smooth flat finish over insulation slabs.

The mix is usually strong, using one part cement to three parts sharp sand and when done by our team will give you a smooth and level finish on which to lay your chosen floor type.

Self levelling screed

Self-levelling screed is cement that has been modified using a polymer to improve how it flows across a floor, meaning that it ‘self-levels’ without too much human input. In contrast to traditional cement, it does not need the addition of lots of water during installation. Self-levelling screed is usually used to create brilliantly flat and smooth surface for the final floor covering. The strength of self-levelling screed similar to traditional concrete and it is becoming more and more popular as people demand super smooth surfaces for their vinyl or floor tiles.


Other screeds available on request so please contact us today  for advice on the best screed for your project.