Silicone Render & Acrylic Render

Silicone Render & Acrylic Render Brighton

We are specialists in the application of silicone render and acrylic render in Brighton & Hove and further afield in Sussex.


Silicone Render

This is a cement-based product into which silicone polymers have been added to enhance the properties of the cement. Silicone has a water repelling property that can be used to drive water away from the surface of the render but while still allowing the render and wall to ‘breath’ and let moisture pass through and out of the wall.


Acrylic Render

Acrylic renders are finishing coat renders that are applied to achieve an attractive, often coloured finish. They can be applied to a prepared substrate or to a base coat render and in some cases, to the existing render. Acrylic render can also be used directly onto well-prepared brick and stonework.

Acrylic aggregates are added to the render mix to achieve an attractive finish in the desired colour. The render can be sprayed on or applied with a float.

Why Silicone or Acrylic render?

The flexible anti-crack formulation and ultra-violet resistant pigments of a silicone render or acrylic render allow for large areas to be seamlessly rendered with perfect colour consistency.  

In addition to being an excellent finishing coat for external wall insulation systems, silicone renders are suitable for application onto thin coat or thick coat render-only systems.

Benefits of Silicone and Acrylic Render

  • 1. Vapour permeable
  • 2. Resistant to algae, mould and fungal growth
  • 3. Impact resistant
  • 4. Wider range of colours than monocouche
  • 5. Variation of textures
  • 6. Dirt and stain repellent

Because we’re experts in the application of Silicone and Acrylic of render, we can advise you which would be best for your particular project. Contact us for a quote today or call us if you want to talk through the options on 07860 694990.